20 Years Later. Them Rascals Grew Up. 

shut the fuck up

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[1/?] Bring It Favorites: Sunjai's Dad.
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Dancing Dolls Camryn

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The cast of A Different World on Living Single:

  • Dominic Hoffman (Julian Day) as Patrick
  • Cree Summer (Freddie Brooks) as Summer
  • Charnele Brown (Kimberly Reese) as Jackie
  • Kadeem Hardison (Dwayne Wayne) as Marcus Hughes
  • Lou Myers (Vernon Gaines) as Milton Hampton
  • Jennifer Lewis (Dean Davenport) as Delia Deveaux
  • Bumper Robinson (Dorian Heywood) as Ivan Ennis
  • Jasmine Guy (Whitley Gilbert) as Dr. Jessica Bryce
  • Darryl M. Bell (Ron Johnson) as John
  • Karen Malina White (Charmaine Brown) as Shayla

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I told my little cousin that her beautiful hair has magical powers… So she bought me back some acorns as a gift lol I love you Aubrey🌻

P. S. Black Girls DO matter.

Lol y’all I got these pine cones mixed up with acorns… My bad lol

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