The rest of the space is going to be pretty pissed when they see this. 

did you google how to take a screen shot

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Had a great time hosting Jesse Boykins III at the loft yesterday. Be sure to check out his new album.

Love his new album!

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Louis C.K. Is America’s Undisputed King of Comedy

Comedy is subjective, but not with Louis C.K. He’s the funniest man alive, and we don’t want any of your lip about it.

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Care to Recycle® and Johnson & Johnson would like to wish you all a happy Earth Day, and gently remind you to do your part by recycling bathroom products.

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I never knew how true and realistic and non-exaggerated this episode was until I went to college.

College? This was the high school struggle too. Writing essays to get into college.

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Bob’s Burgers - BURGER OF THE DAY

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What are your five favorite blogs?

Haha oh this is hard. Lemme think.. my favorite five blogs are: 

  • Courtneyindepth - Her hair is amazing and I’m in love with her photography. Big
  • Yourpersonalcheerleader - She’s very inspiring. And I love hearing her stories about UVa since I’m from Virginia. Soft spots for those schools.
  • Artsyblackkid - Since he reblogs my stuff haha
  • Throughkaledioscopeeyes - Carefree Black Girl. Her hair is beautiful.
  • alexandraelle - Self explanatory if you go to her page. Amazing woman and inspiration.